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Donate for School Students Research Accelerator (SSRA) program

Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust registered as an autonomous educational trust under Indian Trust Act from NCT, New Delhi, Govt. of India, registered under Income Tax section 80G and 12A Rewards in the form of tax benefits by donating SSRA Program



How your contribution can transform lives

Donating to a charitable organisation under Section 80G of the Income Tax Act, 1961 is a way of expressing our commitment towards contributing to society and bringing about a positive change. When you donate to Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust, every donation no matter how small, can Inspire children and youth in the field of Innovation in Science through School Students Research Accelerator (SSRA) program and providing them with the opportunities to carve a better future.

The basic objective of SSRA Program is to communicate to the youth of the country the excitements of creative pursuit of science, attract talent to the study of science at an early age and thus build the required critical human resource pool for strengthening and expanding the Science & Technology system and R & D base.
A striking feature of the programme is that it does not believe in conducting competitive exams for identification of talent at any level. It believes in and relies on the efficacy of the existing educational structure for identification of talent.

What will my donation do?

The SSRA program welcomes 30-40 students from around the world, who are paired with a research laboratory in the Energy Materials Research Centre (EMRC), research unit of the trust to perform innovative and interdisciplinary research. No matter the size of your donation, big or small, your contribution to the SSRA Fund will allow us to continue to expand the program, invest in training resources and technology, and welcome more children and youth each year.

Financial Details

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