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Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust registered as an autonomous educational trust under Indian Trust Act from NCT, New Delhi, Govt. of India, and ISO 9001:2015 certified organization.

Trust registered under Income Tax section 80G and 12A, CSR Registration CSR00032077 under MCA, Govt. of India.

Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust (GATE Trust) was established to provide practical skills and impart stronger work ethics among students through experiential learning and vocational training.

Invest your CSR funds in a sustainable program with a proven impact. We offer end-to-end solutions for companies, ranging from conceptualization, strategy development, project management, employee engagement, project monitoring to communication support / visibility and impact assessment. We believe that each opportunity is unique and therefore works closely with corporate organizations to customize every partnership. You can choose to support a complete project or support a part project. Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust helps fulfill CSR mandates, thereby accomplishing specific, large-scale developmental goals that address community and stakeholders’ needs. To do this, we understand the CSR strategy. If necessary, we can then customize the program based on the requirements.

We oversee the implementation partners and document the program progress for periodic review in line with the needs of the program and the supporter. Additionally, we monitor the execution and evaluate the outcome of the interventions conducted by these programmes, from start to finish.

We offer: Complete transparency, Employee and organizational engagement with our programs, The opportunity for corporate to fulfill their Corporate Social Responsibility mandate through our various partnership options

Why GATE Trust

Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust is: