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Artificial Intelligence

Institute of Robotics and Automotive Intelligence (IRAI)

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About our AI Training unit - IRAI

"Institute of Robotics and Automotive Intelligence (IRAI) a unit of Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust, ISO 9001:2015 certified academic and research-oriented autonomous institution. Global Advanced Training & Educational Trust (GATE Trust) was founded in 2014 as a nonprofit educational organization to empower people, communities, and businesses worldwide.. !"

IRAI will developed your Robotic & Artificial Intelligence skills that required for your career as a certified Artificial Intelligence Engineer. It enables you to gain in-depth knowledge on various aspects of Robotic & AI including TensorFlow, Machine Learning, Artificial neural networks, data science, python, advanced analytics, and many more. You will also gain hands-on exposure to various real-time use cases and projects during this training.

Why Robotics and Automotive Intelligence

In business, artificial intelligence has a wide range of uses. In fact, most of us interact with artificial intelligence in some form or another on a daily basis. "It's a form of software that makes decisions on its own, that's able to act even in situations not foreseen by the programmers. Artificial intelligence has a wider latitude of decision-making ability as opposed to traditional software." CEO of SparkCognition.

Diploma in Artificial Intelligence

Diploma –Artificial Intelligence is a one-year Diploma program which delivers intensive training in programming and the fundamentals of Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning through a range of specialist modules.

Diploma in Advanced Cybersecurity

Diploma in Advanced Cybersecurity is a well crafted comprehensive training and certification course from RedTeam Hacker Academy for nurturing cyber security enthusiasts, aspirants, and working professionals to evolve into cybersecurity professionals who have in-depth knowledge and expertise to efficiently analyze currently deployed cybersecurity infrastructures across systems, networks, applications, and cloud and find reliable solutions to tackle and defend security crisis faced by organizations in cyberspace.

Artificial Intelligence in business

In the business world, artificial intelligence is enabling businesses to work smarter and faster. IRAI offering for:

Banking and Finance
Many banks use the various applications of artificial intelligence to detect fraudulent activity.

Automated AI customer support that begins these conversations.

AI has quickly become a key component in a business' cybersecurity infrastructure

Start Project
Preparing for the integration of AI-based solutions


IRAI is a unit of Global Advanced Training & Educational Trust (GATE Trust). .

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