An Autonomous Institute Recognized under NCT New Delhi, Govt. of India


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image Institute of Solar Technology (IST) at Global Advanced Training and Educational Trust aims to impart PV Solar education, training and services; perform cutting-edge research and development; and enable discrete to accelerate the deployment of renewable energy for a sustainable growth; foster a clean environment to enhance human standards of living; and develop a skilled workforce and empower a young generation of leaders, focuses on the solar sector's potential to create jobs and provides green-job training for youth seeking careers in solar energy.

Institute of Solar Technology aims to facilitate integrated development of the solar energy sector in India by offering training and education for holistic development of the solar sector. The Institute's multifarious activities, including training, consultancy, and capacity building, research aim to strengthen as well as facilitate development of solar energy in the country.


  1. To develop global best practices in solar energy policy and technology deployment, assess their suitability to the Indian environment, and advocate their implementation in the country.
  2. To develop a long-term Solar Energy training Roadmap for the country and follow up its implementation.
  3. To develop state-wise training facility for rapid deployment of solar energy wherever possible.
  4. To facilitate human resource development in the solar energy sector through curriculum development and training.
Solar Power Training for Youth
IST appeals all to use their energy for self employment in the field of renewable energy. This will give you satisfaction of serving mother earth through eco-friendly technology apart from earning bread and butter.

Today's youth need to understand energy in order to use widely solar power at their homes, their society and their careers. IST training programme is devoted to teaching the growing importance of energy - both how it is used and where it is sourced. Our hands-on renewable energy education approach not only teaches these vital concepts, it instills precious hope for the future.

During the training, young will learn how solar power works, how solar panels themselves work, and how to install the panels. The course is set up to empower young people with skills and knowledge of solar energy, and to communicate the growing need for renewable energy solutions.